Austin Record Convention

2017 Instructions, Rules and Terms for Vendors / Dealers

Every dealer and vendor who attends the Austin Record Convention agrees to and is bound by the following rules and regulations:

Parking at the Palmer Events Center

Dealers can park free in the Palmer Courtyard but there may not be enough parking for everybody in that area, so some may have to go into the overflow free parking area. Otherwise parking in the Palmer parking garage is $8 per day per vehicle. The number of people per vehicle does not matter, it’s just a charge per car. However free parking will be available across the street in the One Texas Center garage on Sat and Sun for either Dealers or Customers - (see our diagram).

Dealer Badges Per Table

A dealer who purchases 1 table, receives up to 2 dealer badges. For each additional table (2,3,4, etc) we can supply 1 additional badge if needed. Please contact us if you have any questions. Also please understand we have to tightly control the number of dealer badges we distribute, for security (and other) reasons.

Garage sale tables / sharing a table

In the past we’ve been asked by potential Dealers if it’s possible for 2 or more Vendors to share one table. The answer is yes so long as we know who is selling at each table. Although when more than 3 Dealers are working at one table then the problem of enough Dealer Badges comes into play as we have a limit of 2 badges per vendor, plus 1 extra badge per table beyond 2 (see above section). If anyone wants a Garage Sale table please contact us for specifics.

Dealer Check-in / Unloading / Parking

Will start dealer load in at 8:00 am Friday. Dealers are admitted at 8:00 am Saturday and 9:00 am Sunday. Loading carts will be available but as always in short supply, so if you have one please bring it. All dealers without badges must check-in at the show entrance table before setting up.

Cash / ATM Machines

There will be ATM machines available in the building.

Wall rule

Nothing can be taped or attached to the wall area . If you need stronger attachments either bring your own pegboard backing to lean against the wall or rent one here. Pegboards are available at $75 for the weekend, but please remember to bring your own pegboard hooks.

Table locations

Many dealers have been coming to the show for years and always request the same general spot and we are happy to oblige whenever possible. The key to any location request, established or new, is in sending the dealer form back quickly. If you wait 3 or 4 weeks after getting this form before you return it , it’s going to be very hard to fit you into a specific location.

New Dealers be general in your location request: “ in the middle, toward the front, on the back wall, next to Bob & Jan” etc. No location is guaranteed but I will try to accommodate all requests.


You can find thieves at any record show, large or small, but at a show as large and busy as Austin it’s easier for them to get away with it. A dealer’s best defense is paying attention to business, i.e watch your table! And don’t leave a $500 record on the front of your table! If you have to leave your table, cover it up with a sheet or blanket. If you observe anyone with sticky fingers grabbing records, don’t be a hero. Make sure of your facts then talk to one of the Austin Record Convention workers and tell us, we’ll take it from there. We have a very good security staff in Palmer that can handle anything.


If something happens that makes your attendance at the show impossible, and you have already paid for a table, just let us know as soon as possible and if we can resell your table, you will receive a refund. If we cannot resell the table , than we can’t give you a refund, but we almost always have been able to resell a table. It’s always about the timing, so let us know ASAP when your show attendance is in doubt.


We will have security personnel in the building 24 hours, so your merchandise will be secure if you wish to leave it overnight. However, it will still be at your own risk. We do recommend bringing a sheet or blanket to put over your table. Also Austin Police Officers will be monitoring the parking lots and room during the show. We will have additional security during set-up on Friday and sale time on Saturday and Sunday plus during the overnight hours to keep an eye on things.


All dealers to stay until 5:00 pm Sunday unless you notify us that you have a VERY GOOD reason to leave earlier. Customers pay to shop at a large show with many dealers and we run both print and radio ads until 3 PM Sunday, so it’s bad form to have dealers pouring out the exits while customers try to pay admission! And leaving early without permission is an excellent way to be banned from future shows !

Dealer Responsibility

Dealers are responsible for what is sold at their tables. Any customer who requests a refund under reasonable circumstances should be cheerfully complied with. An attitude of “Let The Buyer Beware” will not be tolerated at this show and we will ban any Dealer who violates this rule.

No smoking / Food

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the entire building. There is a concession stand in the room with decent food and drinks. Please no outside food and drink, or alcohol in the building.

Assistants and Early Admission

Each dealer is allowed one assistant per table. Anyone else who wants to get in early can do so by purchasing an early admission pass for $40. Early Admission hours will be 10am - 6pm Friday, 8am - 6pm Saturday, 9am - 5pm Sunday. Many Dealers have requested a break from the time they get in the building until the time that they are attacked by Early Shoppers.

Rules for competing record shows in Austin, Texas

We have built the Austin Record Convention into the biggest and best record show in the USA over the last 40 years. In order to keep the show successful (for us and for you) we have a strict policy regarding our dealers attending other record conventions in Austin: Any dealer that participates in another record show in the Austin area will be banned from all our events and shows in the future. This may seem harsh, but it is the only way we can protect and sustain the Austin Record Convention. Our overseas and long distance customers will not come to the show if it's not worth attending because other events are siphoning away merchandise and dealers. So please be aware of the consequences before you sign up for another Austin show!

Distributing flyers at the show

Any flyers or materials that are distributed to dealers or customers at the show must be cleared by the Austin Record Convention. We're usually fine with helping promote other record shows (as long as they aren't in Austin) and various other things. We want our dealers to benefit from interacting with customers, however we ask that you get permission for distributing leaflets or flyers.